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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"




The Green Beautiful
(La Belle Verte)

A very rare French Film with subtitles. (Full film below)

You can watch the YouTube video’s below, or you can download a high quality version of the film from the following link:

From that site it is available in the MP4 version as well as DVD quality version which has been split into 16 .rar files.

I have scoured the Internet to see whether it is available on DVD with English subtitles, but so far I have been unsuccessful in locating a copy.

In my opinion, The Green Beautiful is quite possibly one of the nicest films ever made. A simply delightful, witty and endearing film that leaves you feeling uplifted, inspired and highly motivated.

Written and directed by Coline Serreau released in 1996. The message the film portrays about how detached we have become from nature and our roots is brilliant in its simplicity and power.

Even though the film was made in 1996, this is still by far one of my most favourite inspirational videos to date.


You may be surprised to learn that it was unofficially prohibited throughout the EU by media holders. Since 1995 it hasn't been shown on TV except a couple of times very late at night and never on mainstream channels.

Universal Language

The film is French with subtitles for many languages (click the red 'CC' symbol below each video to select the correct language).

Due to YouTube time limits, it has been split into the nine episodes you see below, but don't let that put you off - it's well worth watching!

If you do decide to watch it, look out for the football game - it's hilarious!

Enjoy the film....

You Tube version - Full Movie

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