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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"





I find myself in a fortunate position where my life experiences from over a decade ago have given me some rare insight into the things I am now finding out ten years later.  It seems these past experiences may have been a necessary component in order for me to gain a clearer understanding of what I reveal in this article. Coincidence? maybe....  or maybe not?...

First of all, if you haven’t already read my brief notes about “Information Without Belief” I strongly recommend you do so before reading this article, as that method of research very much applies here.



In my ongoing search to try to make sense of the true reasons why we are here, (and I’m pretty convinced it’s not to buy bigger and better “stuff”), my research has steered me towards Shamanism, suggesting that I might find answers from our ancestors who have lived in very close harmony with mother nature.

I should point out at this stage, that I did try the whole ‘mainstream religion’ thing over a decade ago and concluded beyond all reasonable doubt that organised religion was most definitely not for me, especially when after 2 years, I realised my thoughts were no longer my own, but had become those born of, shaped, and totally influenced by the biblical scripture training I had been exposed to.

But as far back as I can remember, my natural spiritual instincts have always guided me towards thinking in much more ‘down to Earth’ terms, than worrying about the trivialities of who betrothed whom, and who spate whom in the name of wiping out whatever civilisation.  

So here I am a decade later, a free spirit once again, and free of the straight-jacket that had been chained to my mind, leaving me free once again to study and explore all avenues of esoteric possibility, without the rules.

Now I’m slowly discovering things that much of mainstream society is not ready to hear about.

Hex and Hammer

In the 15th, 16th and 17th century, the Christian/Catholic church sanctioned the systematic mass extermination of the indigenous spiritual practitioners (those involved in shamanism and shamanic practices) right across Europe.  

Hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions were killed in the name of “witchcraft” which was the socially engineered ‘front’ that preyed on the superstitious fears of an uneducated population, and the practice was sanctioned through a church-written handbook created to identify witches through their practices, and was known as Malleus Maleficarum, or the Hex and Hammer, which became deeply connected to the Spanish Inquisition.

This whole operation was designed to completely remove the naturally indigenous ‘gnosis’ (a higher level of enlightened Human spirit / connection / impulse to the ‘root’ source),  from the consciousness of the common man.

Women were specifically targeted because they were seen by the control system to have had the intuitive shamanic “source connection”, (via the heart chakra) otherwise known as “sorcery” which anyone indoctrinated into a religion, even today, will have been led to believe is something very bad, and has connections to negative intent, yet the term “sorcery” is simply derived from the Latin root ‘sors’ which means “fate” or “oracle” connection to ‘the source’, which means a ‘sorcerer’ is simply someone who deals with information that lies outside the present moment, for example the future (In Shamanic terms this person would be known as a seer).



The basic premise of the term ‘sorcery’ according to the Mesoamericans and Europeans from ancient history (20,000  - 5,000 years ago) was that the ‘everyday world’ we see with our eyes, is not real, and is not external to us.  This is now a concept that modern-day physics is now only just starting to drip-feed into the mainstream arena.

The apprentice shamans would learn to navigate through the perceived fake construct of our 3D world and travel into the 4D world that lies beyond, where it was said they could interact with the ‘source’ within multiple levels or dimensions, and could tap into an intuitive omniscient knowledge and wisdom of the universe.

There were specific techniques used to enter the trance state required for the shamanic journeying to occur, and it was this very knowledge that the various control systems wanted/needed to eradicate from the minds of the populous, hence the witch hunts and Spanish Inquisition.**

“Somebody bottom-line this for me please...”

Ok, here goes.  I don’t have all the answers yet, In fact I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I’m starting to loosely grasp what’s being proposed here..

The bottom line is this: It seems for over 20,000 years, the indigenous Shamans of this world had a very special knowledge and an ability to successfully connect with “a universal source”. This ability gave them access to a very powerful, enlightened, universal knowledge and wisdom, relating to theirs and our purpose. It apparently enabled them to gain essential knowledge of things that enabled them, and subsequently those in their care, to survive.

Knowing the Shamanic impulse was in many, if not most Humans, it appears the “controlling system” of the time wanted to eradicate any knowledge of this naturally indigenous ‘gnosis’ knowledge and higher level of enlightened Human spirit / connection / impulse to the ‘root’ source, from the common man, and thus things like witch-hunts were sanctioned where individuals could be eradicated with complete and lawful abandon, and over the course of several hundred years, most of this knowledge, practice and ability has been removed from the consciousness of the Human population on this planet.

Today, it would appear that controlling system’s agenda is still in place (but that’s a whole other article - and possibly website!), but the shamanic gnosis has thus-far survived, although possibly only in a very fractured way amongst the common man, with only a small number of ordinary individuals passing down probably a fairly diluted version of the knowledge once mastered by our ancestors.

Shamanic Journeying

This is why I have chosen to investigate and partake in shamanic journeying. The ancient Shamans knew much more about the very nature of our existence than we do even today.  History shows the enormous lengths that were gone to in order to eradicate the knowledge the Shaman’s held, and to remove it from the memories and minds of the indigenous people so it could be hidden from future generations - namely you and me, and that’s reason enough to try to find out why.

“Are we still being steered away from this practice?”

If you look closely enough, you’ll come to realise that everything about the society we live in today has been designed to distract us and take away our ability to slow down, or to sit still: two of the main ingredients essential to be able to make any kind of connection to the source.

The average man is all but separated from nature nowadays - again, another very important ingredient required to make that connection.  

Sacred Plants

The shamans often used sacred plants to help them enter into trance to journey, or cross over to the 4D source dimension.  Each type of plant would allow them to reach a very particular dimensional level.  

People today who have taken these types of plants all describe having very similar experiences corresponding to whichever plant they take.They can’t all be conjuring up the same vision, and having the same dream, and it has been proposed that, rather like a radio tunes into different radio stations depending on the frequency, a person can use the plants to ‘tune-in’ to a specific 4D dimensional level of reality that may genuinely exist.

But, again, this is yet something else that is out of reach to the average man.  You can’t get hold of these plants very easily because they are illegal in most places around the world...  


I’ve also just found out about a naturally occurring compound called Dimethyltryptamine - or DMT for short.  Apparently it occurs in just about all life on the planet including Humans.  We make it in the spinal column and it interacts with enzymes in the pineal gland in the brain.  It is believed to be the way all life communicates with nature. Without it, animals are unable to detect a change of season or know when bad weather is coming. It is also believed to play a necessary role in controlling our dreams. But most of all, it is proposed that DMT is the key to connecting with the 4D realm.

Australia is now in the absurd process of trying to ban and eradicate a huge number of its own natural and indigenous plants including Wattles, succulents, some acacia, datura, and cacti, because they could possibly be used for the making of DMT that might be taken by people!  This determined action by the system of power, even though it is blatantly absurd, is showing us something about the importance to the ‘controlling systems’ of keeping us away from making the connection - whatever the cost.

Does anyone else see the pattern emerging here?  

In this context, it could comfortably be argued that everything is still being put in our way, or taken out of our way, to prevent as many people as possible from making that 4D connection.  

Drum beat

Fortunately, there is another way to enter the shamanic trance and that is through a primal drum beat.  If you can learn to sit still, Live cleanly and simply, eat natural foods, have a heart-felt connection with nature and a focused enough mind, you are in with a good chance of being able to successfully journey and connect.

I’m going to write a dedicated article for this site about the actual practice of shamanic journeying. I’ve tried it 5 times so far (at the time of writing this) entering trance successfully on two of the five occasions. Apparently it gets easier the more you practice it.

In the meanwhile, if you want to know more about shamanic journeying, my knowledge of it is still limited, but do feel free to ask.     

** Source reference material on sorcery: Neil Kramer - Guerilla Psychonautics

Unlocking the secrets of our ancestors that “the control system” doesn’t want us to know about...

The Shaman’s Secret

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