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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"





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It was the philosophical theories of Neil Kramer that first put me on to the idea of Shamanism.  Before then,  I’d never really thought much about it, probably dismissing out of hand as some mumbo jumbo nonsense consisting of silly dances that our ancestors did because they didn’t know any better.  However, once I took my head out of my arse and opened my eyes and started to look at the history, a very powerful and revealing story has begun to unfold itself.

If you haven’t already, I sort-of map it out a bit in this other article “The Shamans Secret”, so I recommend you read that first if you want a detailed explanation of events.


So, for hundreds of years, and right up to the fall of the soviet union, there has been a systematic attempt to eradicate Shamanism from the face of the planet. That alone got my attention, and as I continue on this journey into trying to understand why the controlling powers across the globe have put so much effort into destroying anyone showing the slightest sign of having the “earth connection”, I’m starting to realise and learn that the Shamans genuinely had something powerful, powerful enough to be killed for with complete and lawful abandon.

Shamanism has been practiced on Earth for possibly more than 20,000 years, and it was only in the last few hundred years that this persecution has taken pace. Why? Well, I’m still learning, but the whole thing seems to be pointing towards power and control over the planet’s population.

What is a Shaman?

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Shamanic Journeying

It’s difficult to know where to begin with this - mainly because I’m still learning and lack experience. Therefore consider this article to be more of a ramble through the concepts, mixed in with my own experiences, rather than actual instructions for Shamanic journeying. If you want actual instructions - there are lots of site out there - just Google “Shamanic Journeying” and have a browse.  

My basic understanding of it is that there is a theoretical 4D realm of existence that lies beyond the 3D world that we all perceive with our 5 senses. This is the place that the Shamans were able to reach when they ‘journeyed’.

This 4D realm is referred to as the ‘source’ and is said to be a place of total connectedness where one experiences a kind of neurological ‘field uplink’ to the knowledge and wisdom of the universe.  

It is on these journeys, from this universal knowledge that it is believed the ancient shamans were able to find out answers to questions on things such as where to grow crops, where to find water and and how to heal people.

Shamans were said to have a powerful earth-connection and were were born with stronger aptitude in these skills, but every Human does have a shamanic intuition, and if nurtured correctly, anyone should be capable of journeying.

To journey, you must first induce trance, this can be achieve in a number of ways that can include the use of sacred medicinal plants, but one of the most common and safest ways is to use a primal drum beat.

Once in a trance you have the option to go to three places; the upper realm, lower realm, or middle realm. Each quite different to the other.

Once there you will meet various guides in many forms including other people, animals, and even alien-like entity's as well as intelligence's of non-corporal form.  

One thing that seems to constantly come up is the amount of respect the Shamans had for the Earth, and the connection they had with nature was very symbiotic and harmonious.  This was essential to their ability to connect to the source.

Today we eat bad food, drink bad water and have our brains and bodies constantly bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from just about everywhere. This will go against us if we try to journey, so making an effort to move away from these things will help in the process.

More to come.....  

The ongoing journey to unlock the true mysteries of the universe...

Shamanic Journeying

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