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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"





Of all the information I’ve ever read, seen or heard about what’s wrong with the world, the most predominant message that comes back to me time and time again, is we’ve lost our way because we’ve lost our connection to Nature, and to the ‘source’.   

Without that connection, mankind can never be in a state of balance or harmony. He can never be complete or whole.

Reconnecting to Nature…

It’s amazing just how alive you can feel after a walk in the forest or after spending a day in the mountains or at the ocean.

If you’re tuned-in enough to be able to sense that aliveness, then that feeling alone should be enough to tell you something about the importance of having mother nature in your life.

Sadly too few of us these days seem to have the time or the ability to listen to that ‘energy’ intuition, which is not only a shame, but a travesty that has kept Humanity on this spiraling path of self-destruction when we could be so much more.

Reconnecting with nature is not just about taking a nice walk in a forest somewhere and feeling good about it, although it’s a good place to start. It’s much more fundamental than that, and is about re-awakening ourselves to who we really are, as well as enabling us to take a step closer towards discovering the true nature of our existence.

Our industrialized and technological societies have separated us from the Earth (and from each other). Kids now think food comes from cans and packets. Most of us believe the meaning of life is about paying a mortgage and buying bigger and better trinkets.

People take walks in the woods nowadays as if they're visiting a manicured museum. The majority of people have now come to see the Earth as something apart from daily life while we turn a blind eye as mega-corporations rape and plunder her on a biblical scale for raw materials to make useless trinkets for us to buy, trinkets that distract us from the real reasons of our existence.


Only by stepping outside the mind-prison of modern life, by unplugging, will we ever get a glimpse of our true purpose and a hint at the true nature of our reality.  Only then will we begin the journey towards truly understanding that life is not about going to work, paying bills and buying ‘trinkets’ to make us feel better about living our current fear-based existence.

Until that time, until we make a concerted effort to ‘unplug’ from our noisy, polluted, purposely distracting, consumerism-orientated world, we will never get to know our true selves, or be in a state of true balance and harmony.

I appreciate this all sounds a bit ‘hippy’, but many people today are starting to realise that this current reality consensus tunnel amounts to little more than a prison without bars. We think we are free, but in reality, we are  merely ‘free range’, manipulated by an out-of-control  corrupt global corporate system that most certainly doesn’t have yours, mine, or the planet’s best interests at heart.  

…The only way back from the brink?

The bigger picture

As I’ve accumulated knowledge, and delved deeply into various subjects over time, I’ve started to become acquainted with a kind-of ‘join the dots’ phenomenon, where what you think is unrelated subject matter, suddenly starts connecting with information that lies within your current investigations. Sometimes this phenomenon enables you to step back and get a much bigger, more focused picture about the world and what it’s all about.  

It would help immensely at this stage if you were to read my article titled “The Shaman’s Secret” because this is one of those moments where the joining the dots scenario truly comes into play.

It’s all about energy and the ‘state of being’

The theory is fairly simple; Mother Nature, and indeed - all of creation, vibrates within a certain energy frequency.

If you take that realization to the next level and go for the whole ‘awakening’ package deal, you’ll soon start to open doors you never knew existed, and you’ll get your first glimpses of reality the way you were actually supposed to see it.  A reality so compelling, that if everyone got to see it, we’d all be living very different lives in a very different world.

The Journey Starts Here…

I should warn anyone who wants to engage with this particular memeplex. If you choose to take the red pill and run with the ‘reconnecting to nature’ thing in any serious and meaningful way, you may find yourself in a position where you will no longer be able to look at the world you thought you knew in the same way, and I mean ever again.   This can be powerful Juju and it needs to be approached with due consideration, wisdom and courage.

This of course, is not for everyone. You need to be truly open-minded to be able to step through these gates and benefit in any meaningful way.  If your thoughts tend to be dominated by the latest celebrity gossip, or your general conversations tend to be about the latest sports game or the soaps you watched on TV last night, then you are likely to find this stuff challenging to resonate with in any meaningful way. The same goes for those academically trained who have a tendency to become enslaved into thinking only with the left side of their brains. My experiences with those who like to label themselves as ‘academics’ makes me think they too are unlikely to be able to embrace this way of thinking because it will conflict with the way the establishment has indoctrinated and trained them to think in such a narrow way.  

My message to anyone who fits the above description is;  I would love to be proven wrong.

All life on the planet, all the plants, all the creatures, including us, have an instinct and ability to ‘resonate’ or exist within a natural vibrational frequency. That frequency can be referred to as our “natural state of being”.  For us Humans, we can access control over this state of being through our minds.  

When we successfully ‘connect’ or ‘tune-in’ to the frequency that is our ‘natural state of being’, things can start to happen, great things, and our world changes.  Everything opens up to us. We start to see the world the way we were always supposed to see it.  We start to see it differently not just in the physical sense, but we start to connect with it, to feel it, to exchange energy with it, to “resonate” with it. We will start to realise that the natural universe it is a big part of us and we are not separate from it.

It’s only when you are in this “natural state of being”, the state you were designed to be in, and are supposed to be in, can you start to truly grasp the concepts behind the nature of our existence.  At the risk of sounding like a total hippie here; when you are able to make that connection, insight can start to feed through from a naturally occurring connective gnosis, realizations can start to unfold, and you can begin to feel a sense of being alive like never before. Your sense of contentment and belonging comes into its own, fear disappears, and you feel a sense of balance and harmony, not just with the planet, but with the universe itself.

The place to start is in nature. When you’ve learned to connect to nature in such a deep meaningful way, you’ll realize that this state of being has been denied to you. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, you had it trained out of you from a young age, but the good news is, you can learn to get it back again. All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to go back to your Human roots.

Below are some practical steps you can take to get started on the path of reconnection…

2. Eat Natures Food.

Do you really need me to spell out that eating processed and junk foods is a bad idea?  Mother Nature designed you to eat the foods she provides for you, yet we shun her gifts for the refined, fatty, sugary, carcinogenic man-made crap that makes us tired, lethargic and numb.  

To connect with Mother nature in any meaningful way you need a clear mind and to be in tune with your body. It is proposed that you need a clean and functioning pineal gland (see next step). Only a diet of natural life-giving foods can achieve this, and these foods are essential to your success in reconnecting.

6. Avoid Fluoride

Fluoride is a priority. If you are of the “it’s purposely put into our tap water, therefore it must be good for us” mindset, then just Google “Fluoride Dangers “ and spend some time reading through the articles that come back. In the meanwhile get a water filter that will remove it (regular water filters can’t remove fluoride but Berkey do one that’s excellent), and use a non-fluoride toothpaste.  

The pineal gland in the brain is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the body. The pineal gland is considered by many to be the antenna or 3rd eye that we use to be able to connect to the wider universal field. Descartes called it the ‘seat of the soul’. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, and can damage you, as well as affect your ability to connect with nature.

1. Get Outside.

You’ll never connect to Mother Nature from your armchair. She isn’t on your TV set or on your computer monitor, in fact quite the opposite. When you are bathed in the electromagnetic radiation from these devices you are pushed even further away from her, so getting away from these unnatural environments, getting outside and physically connecting with her is vital.  

A forest or wood is a good place.The oxygen-rich environment will help you.

Whenever you are  in nature, stroll, sit, look, touch, smell, enjoy the messages all your senses are bringing to you. Make an effort to be in the moment and forget everything else that’s going on in your life.

5. Avoid the Toxins we are Exposed to Every Day.

They are everywhere. In our food, in our homes, in our workplaces. Over time they build up in our bodies and overload our system.  Fluoride is a major one (see step 6), also consider what other toxins you are exposed to in cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, cosmetics, aerosols, shower gels & shampoos,  dry-cleaned clothes, fabric softeners, bleaches, toothpaste, hairspray, deodorants, moisturizers - the list is endless. Cosmetics worn on the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream. Replace everything you can with all-natural alternatives, or stop using them all together.


The benefits of connecting with nature are not just limited to the planet. When I refer to connecting with nature, I’m talking about all of nature, everywhere in the wider universe.

When you make that connection, you’ll start to realise that the world is not how it’s supposed to be. You’ll start to understand that we Humans and Mother Nature are connected in powerful, inextricable ways, and that we are supposed to be living in symbiosis with each other, instead of plundering the planet, we’re supposed to be respecting and protecting her.  When you reconnect,  you’ll realise just how little we actually know.

3. Learn to sit still

One of the prerequisites for successful reconnection is being able to sit still and quiet and meditate with a calm mind. Everything about our society today is designed to prevent you from doing that. That’s why TV camera angles have to change every few seconds, to accommodate the single digit attention span of modern audiences. Anything slow moving nowadays is unwatchable.

Work on reversing this trend and reclaim your natural ability to resonate on a much slower frequency, so you can be more in tune with mother nature.

4. Live Mindfully and learn to connect with your senses.

Living mindfully means living in the present moment. With your mind uncluttered and only focused on the task at hand, you explore your senses, noting how your feel only in that moment. This is a good life-skill to learn. By honing your ability to communicate clearly with your senses, you’ll start to recognise more easily the connection you are able to make with nature.


Reconnecting to nature is about the individual finding his or her own path and connection to Mother Earth. This is just a rough guide to get you thinking. There are no hard and fast rules. Each of us must connect to nature in our own way. This is not about following a particular set of rules or seeking approval from others to make sure we are doing it right.  Your experiences, and the way you connect is between you and the source.

Beware the “NEW AGE”

‘Reconnecting’ is about reaching back to our fundamental Human state of being while trying to shed the destructive modern day programming that encourages us away from such ideas. It has recently been suggested that the ‘New Age’ movement is a dangerous, manipulative, ego-based movement that is more about the mass manipulation of minds than the health of our spirit.  A brief Google search will reveal strong suggestions that the ‘new age’ movement has hidden agendas and covert ties to Theosophy, Freemasonry and other so-called new world order movements, and should be handled with caution.  Most of the well-meaning people within the New Age movement seem blissfully unaware of the potential hidden agenda  behind it, and I encourage those people within the movement to start doing their own research into these allegations, and to not follow blindly, after all this is about following your own path, not subscribing to doctrine.

Living life based on fundamental Human source-connection requires no doctrine, no dogma, no leaders and no laws. Anyone who tells you otherwise will only be looking to limit, control or enslave your mind and your thoughts.  Be aware of it, and be guarded against it.

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I now have a YouTube channel dedicated to reconnecting, and expanding our consciousness..

The channel is about reconnecting physically, emotionally and spiritually with Nature, Earth, and the wider Universe, and expanding our consciousness. It looks into the deeper philosophical side of life and the very nature of our existence.


Only free-thinkers and the genuinely open-minded should subscribe to this channel. The scientifically and Academically-minded, those enslaved by doctrine or dogma, and the TV educated will find nothing but irritation here.

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