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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"




Inspiration & Relaxation

Still one of my favourites!               In Search of Rivendell

This is a video by a YouTube friend of mine, showing the breathtakingly beautiful Lauterbrunnental valley in Switzerland. This was the place that inspired J.R.R.Tolkiens Rivendell in The Lord Of The Rings.

Enjoy...            Thanks to Garry Entropy for making it

Below you will find material that is relaxing and inspiring.

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Inspirational Movie:  The Green Beautiful

Currently one of the my favourite movies. It is thoroughly Delightful, funny and its portrayal of living a simple natural life will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired as well as highly motivated to appreciate the natural world.

Trailer below, and/or watch the FULL FILM here

I’m always looking for new material. If you know of anything I could add here, please let me know - thanks

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