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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"





One of the most important prerequisites I have learned when researching any subject, particularly if it is of an esoteric / philosophical / spiritual nature, is NOT to attach to, or pre-judge, or reject the information being presented, no matter how believable or crazy it might first appear.

Pre-judging, by deciding to ‘buy-in’ to, or completely dismiss an idea just because it does or doesn’t seem or “feel right”, means I would be basing that decision on ignorance. This of course would be completely counter-productive if I am trying to ascertain the cogency of any new information or idea.

It was Neil Kramer who suggested that buying-in, or attaching to a belief system is like carrying a big heavy weight around with you, after which your ability to take on new and independent information will have become harder, and the more time and attention you invest into it, the harder it can become to cut it loose.  The bottom line is that buying in to a belief system will most likely influence your ability to look at other information impartially and objectively.

On the other hand, taking information without attachment or belief carries no weight or burden. It is as light as a feather.  

It was Socrates who concluded that true wisdom is knowing how little we know, and I have to agree. To me, this is one of the most powerful truths and realizations I have made about Humanity.  Our lives truly are dominated by our own ignorance. Through our very limited 5-sense perceptions, we have come to possess only the very thinnest veneer of understanding about the nature of our existence and of our reality. Belief is only relevant to our personal experiences, and everybody’s experiences are different, therefore to believe in something with absolute conviction, as if it is irrefutable, is a waste of time. It is counter-productive to grasping the wider nature of our existence and only serves to prevent progress towards the enlightenment of the Human species.

I have made a significant discovery since utilising this method of research;  By just noting down new information and filing it away as ‘read’ without judgement, attachment or rejection, I have found that strong correlations and connections keep cropping up between completely unrelated pieces of information that I have previously encountered. This has become instrumental in helping to lay-out a kind-of road map where the nature of our existence appears to be very slowly, but surely revealing more of itself.

“Information without belief”

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