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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"





Through guided meditations, almost anyone is able to reach a blissful deep state of relaxation with literally no effort on their part. You don't need to "do" anything. Simply lay on a bed or sit comfortably in a chair and listen, preferably through headphones. The guiding voice does all the work.

How to get the most from your experience

As with all guided meditations, you'll always get the best results if you listen in headphones.

Here are three points that will help you.

More notes further down this page.

The Sanctuary

Guided Meditation - "The Summer Meadow"

This guided meditation will gently ease you into a state of blissfully deep relaxation.v=rEXa_3ELy_o

Ancient Tibetan Healing Meditation  (06:47)   (Video)

For health and wellbeing, based on a very ancient formula. It is very powerful for healing and deeply relaxing the body, and mind. Once you learn the process you may sit with the light streaming in through the top of the head, filling every cell, relaxing every cell and you will feel that every cell is smiling... the longer you sit with cells smiling the better.

Five minutes or one hour..... even a few minutes a day deeply heal

Can't slow down?

With our fast paced lifestyles and hectic schedules, it can be so hard to ' switch off' or relax, even for short periods of time. But without doing so, we become tired, run-down and even ill. In particular, those of us living in western cultures are often incapable of slowing down and allowing ourselves to ' just be'.

The solution is in the guiding voice

Many do not have the time or patience to learn how to meditate, but fortunately, for those people, Guided meditations are there to bridge the gap and make it possible for even the most stubborn, active minds to take a break.

With guided meditation you don't have to 'do' anything except listen. The guiding voice does all the work for you and most people can and do easily fall into a deep, blissful state of relaxation when listening to these types of recordings.

Improve your health

Medical and scientific studies have shown that people who meditate regularly, including people who practice going into a deep state of relaxation through guided meditation on a regular basis, are consistently healthier, happier and get ill much less.

These guided meditations and visualisations are highly effective in allowing the mind to calm down quickly and efficiently.

Your daily ritual

Feel free to make coming here part of your daily ritual, and treat yourself to the healing benefits of calming down and going into a deep state of relaxation on a regular basis.

The more you listen to them, the more positive benefits you will find yourself experiencing from them.

For best results...

To get the best out of these recordings, always listen in headphones wherever possible, and make sure you will not be disturbed during the length of the recording.

These guided meditations will leave you feeling very relaxed and even sleepy. Only listen to them when you are in a position to do so safely.

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Guided Meditation for Healing - Experience the Pure Loving Energy of the Universe

A high quality guided Meditation for Healing.  Journey to a dreamlike world where you are blessed by the loving, powerful healing energies of the universe.