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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"





Neil Kramer is one of the most thought provoking ‘counterculture’ philosophical theorists I have ever encountered. His unconventional methods challenge us to question our consciousness, spiritual practice, and the very nature of our reality in a powerful way.  He is the main reason I am looking into shamanism at the moment.


Guerrilla Psychonautics’

Currently, in my humble opinion, is one of Neil’s best, most thought-provoking speeches to-date.

I thoroughly recommend you put the kettle on then settle down with a cuppa to watch the whole of this series. If you are open minded enough, it will totally blow you away.  

The presentation is split over 7 video’s below....

Deconstructing the consensus reality

By Neil Kramer

My thanks go to 911TruthncDotOrg on YouTube for hosting the video’s

Guerrilla Psychonautics

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